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Biml resources

Business Intelligence Markup Language is a way of defining SSIS and SSAS packages in a (fairly) readable format.  The Biml format facilitates the reuse of code and can then be used to generate packages rapidly.

Biml script makes Biml dynamic.  You can use metadata to drive the generation of packages which significantly reduces the time to develop SSIS and SSAS packages.

Recommended resources:

Increase your productivity with Biml – a clear introducton for anyone who has no knowledge of Biml.

BimlOnline – Tool for converting existing packages into Biml.

BIDS Helper (New Github site) – Visual Studio add-in which adds the Biml file format and the Biml processor for generating SSIS packages.  The previous site can be found at BIDS Helper (Archive Codeplex site)

Varigence – the company that has developed Biml and produced many of the leading products related to Biml.